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 MBEC Forum Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: MBEC Forum Rules and Regulations   Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:21 pm

Rules and Regulations

  1. All members/guests must use English in posting in all categories except MBEC Lounge. If you get dizzy and confuse or/and do not understand English well, you may mix your writing with Bahasa Indonesia in posting e.g.: "How about touring with us, dengan syarat each participant must bla bla bla." If you disobey this rule, your posting will be deleted without confirmation,
  2. Expected to check into a few pages back before making a new thread, so the possibility of a thread with a theme that has been discussed previously could be minimized,
  3. Not allowed to make a re-post topic, otherwise you do not allow to make double post or even more of it. Please visit first to the other rooms in MBEC Forum, because although a variety of topics can be discussed here, many other space devoted to discussing certain topics specifically. For example the thread with the nuances of news that should be made in the Interest and Hobbies. If you intend to create a thread with the feel of the news at MBEC Lounge, are not allowed to make by simply copying (copy-paste) from other sites. Starting the discussion of your personal opinion, followed by a new copy of a news article from another site in question,
  4. Not allowed to make a thread that contains insults, explicitly or implicitly, against elements of ethnicity, religion, race, or class and Porn things. Also disallowed to junk,
  5. Not allowed to post one-line post e.g.: "Hebat nih", "Pertamax gan", "Great!!!", "Thanks ya", "Really?", "Numpang lewat" and other kind of post like that will be deleted without confirmation. Please be wise to comment something,
  6. Please be focused in starting to make the topic. Do not stray out the topic from the specific subforum that already been made,
  7. Expected to use Spoiler, if you want to put images/picture in your post even it's smaller or larger,
  8. Rules may be added, deleted, or modified when it's necessary,
  9. Admins and/or Moderators have right to change or delete your post without any confirmation in advance if it's necessary.

Thanks in advance
Enjoy MBEC Forum cheers
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MBEC Forum Rules and Regulations
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