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 5 Best Online Games in 2011 in Indonesia

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5 Best Online Games in 2011 in Indonesia Empty
PostSubject: 5 Best Online Games in 2011 in Indonesia   5 Best Online Games in 2011 in Indonesia Icon_minitimeThu Sep 22, 2011 10:56 am

The Best Online Games in 2011 in Indonesia

1. Point Blank

Point Blank is an online game that is currently most popular in Indonesia, although we often hear a lot of flaws in this game. Not only are the kids hobby even teenager playing this game. But among the children and parents are also not immune from addiction to the game point blank.

2. Dota

In the second position is occupied by the best online game Dota. Various regions in Indonesia has existed Dota communities. This proves that DotA is one of gaming's most lots of player in Indonesia.

3. Counter Strike

This game had long circulated in Indonesia. Although favored by gamers from various backgrounds. But lately the prestige of the game Counter Strike increasingly fading along with the presence of new games such as DotA and Point Blank.

4. RF Online

In the initial flare-gaming cafe rampant in Indonesia, then one of the game's most widely used is RF Online. But lately the game is only preferred by those who have more budget of it.

5. Ayodance

Audition Ayodance is a game that was well liked in Indonesia. Audition Ayodance online dance game is the first in Indonesia. Many interesting features and an attractive avatars in it, which is the most interesting part in it also there are lots of Korean songs, western, indo a lot of people liked.

so, which one of the games do you like?

for me, i like them all yeyey except DotA, i didn't get it and obviously confused to play it. 5 Best Online Games in 2011 in Indonesia 4291317362
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5 Best Online Games in 2011 in Indonesia
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